I’ve been thinking a bit about clothes over the last couple of weeks. Not the most noble or lofty topic, but nonetheless it’s what’s been on my mind.

I wrote a post about Capsule Wardrobes recently, but from even then I feel like my thinking has moved on again. I’ve been questioning my approach a bit as I’ve been reading through the posts in the Uncluttered group on Facebook. Not that I think I’m doing anything particularly wrong, it was more that the questions and comments there were prompting me to re-examine my thoughts and assumptions.

The big light bulb moment in the past week though was the thought, “You know, I really do just like wearing black”.

It’s not that I don’t like colours. If you’d looked into my wardrobe before I’d started on the capsule wardrobe process it was a cacophony of colours, with hot pink blouses, blue and green flamingo blouses, bright orange jackets, colourful shoes. When I decided to create a Capsule, I went with a very neutral colour palate, featuring one accent colour (orange) – and created a wardrobe around this. Lots of grey, navy, white and black with pops of orange (one orange and white shirt, an orange jacket, orange shoes).

And that has worked really well.  It’s funny, I started my current job just after creating my first capsule wardrobe, and was stunned to be asked by my colleague if I ever wore colour (I’ve changed so much).  It has made dressing so much easier, and I just do feel more put together most of the time.

But as the year has moved on, I’ve learned even more.  Like I just really can’t wear white.  I look at the beautiful people on the fashion blogs and think monochromatic is the way to go. But I can’t wear white, it looks horrible on me.  I also can’t wear button down (up?) shirts.  They either don’t button, or they just don’t flatter.  Similarly, I’ve realised that with my hour-glass shape, the swingy cardigans and jackets I love, and the straight up and down shapes / cuts I admire, are NEVER GOING TO LOOK GOOD.  I just need to let that go.

And I’ve realised what I do feel comfortable in.  I live in jeans.  Literally. I work in a casual corporate environment so I wear jeans to work, jeans on the weekend, jeans socially, jeans hanging about the house.  I love my jeans (which I why I have three pairs!). There is one t-shirt that I have which will always be my go-to on the weekend. I have other options, but without fail, that’s the top I pick out when the weekend rolls around. And I love black. I always feel comfortable, smart and at my best when I’m wearing black.  I’m going to call it my ‘POWER COLOUR’.

This last realisation has caused a mini revolution in my mind.  If I love black so much, I shouldn’t fight it, I should embrace it. Rather than trying to find ways to get other colours into my capsule, I’m going to play to this preference. Black will form the basis of my work uniform. It all matches, it looks smart, it makes me feel good.  It’s a win win win. I’ll still wear other colours (I have orange shoes), but when I’m planning and purchasing for work wear (which forms the majority of my capsule – coz, I apparently only need that one t-shirt and my weekend is sorted 🙊), black it is!

I’m aware that this makes me a bit of a #minimalist cliché.  And I wish that I cared more.  But I don’t!  You should always do what is best for you, and I think this will be best for me.

Have you had any similar revelations in your capsuling journey?  What are some of the benefits you’ve seen?  Do you have a uniform?  I’d love to hear about your experiences




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  1. Elizabeth Braun April 28, 2016 — 10:06 pm

    In terms of colour, I’d be very different. I love colour and actually feel dull and low without it. I know a neutral palette can be really classy and I do want some good, neutral basics (my wardrobe needs a lot of stuff replacing owing to age, weight gain and shabbiness….!) but I know I couldn’t go for all black. Even all neutrals would make me restless and bored after a short while. I want a capsule wardrobe, but colour is something I’m going to need to consider and plan very carefully indeed.

    Humans are so fascinating. We’re so alike in many ways and as different as our fingerprints in others. Wonderful design! 😁


  2. I love this post – especially how you’ve accepted what doesn’t work for you. I have a similar list of things that I love but just don’t work for me (flared jeans, long skirts, white anything) and acknowledging this list makes my life so much easier!

    I wear mostly black too, with grey or blue denim thrown in 🙂


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