More Than I Can Chew

Well so much for daily blog posts, hey!

I’m not judging myself too harshly, but the last few weeks have got a little crazy at owe-central (also, I probably could have picked a name with a better acronym… oh well).

When last we spoke I’d been writing about the big decisions that I was making in my life.  Well, I’d decided to go with the new job… went in to resign, and then it all changed again. I now have the opportunity to create the job I want with my current employer, which is fantastic. But a little daunting.   Lots more responsibility, new skills to learn and a new role to make my own.

At the same time, I’ve gone and signed myself up for two- 6-week long training courses (coz I wouldn’t have been enough….).  So I’ve added to my ‘work’ workload, and then also added to my ‘spare time’ workload. Eeek!  For a minimalist, who’s all about simplifying and having a more intentional life, things seem to have become a little too hectic and out of control.

But the first step is recognising this. Taking a moment to stop and go, ‘Hey Life, things are a little crazy, how fascinating!’ (If you don’t know about ‘how fascinating, I really recommend you have a read of Caroline’s post over at Un-Fancy)

The second step is making a plan.

To get me through this crazy period, I’ll need to plan like crazy.  My top tips for taming life when it’s got wild are:

  1. To-Do List. I’m a big fan of writing a To-Do list. At the beginning of the year, I invested in a Midori planner, where I was writing a paper to-do list.  Which was good in theory, but in practice, I’d then forget to look at it.  I think that’s because it’s inside the closed planner, rather than displayed open at my desk (which is how a normal notebook would behave). So, at the moment, I’m trialing Evernote.  I’m still deciding about Evernote – I know some people swear by it, but I’m not 100% sold.
  2. Schedule. If you use an electronic diary (or even if you don’t), I like to book in time with myself to do my different tasks.  Set yourself up to succeed, not fail, by allocating time to undertake the tasks – and also see when you literally don’t have time to achieve the tasks.
  3. Be kind to yourself. Be reasonable.  Don’t set your expectations too high, and if you drop a ball, that’s just fine.  You can pick it up again and start juggling.

So, now I’ve taken the moment to recognise that I’m overwhelmed, I can start to move forward to plan how to get through this crazy time.

Hope your life is not too crazy!  And if it is, let me know your tips and tricks for taming the wild beast!



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