Life is messy.

You can put as many plans in place as you like. You can structure routines, create a Capsule Wardrobe to simplify your mornings, you can minimise your possessions so that you’re not overwhelmed by clutter.

But still, life is messy.

I think that’s something important to realise and embrace. No matter how intentionally you’re living, what plans you put in place, life will still find a way to throw you a curve ball. Something unexpected, that makes you double take and sometimes have to start again.

I know I’ve been going on about the big decisions I’m making at the moment about my career. Well, I thought it was all decided on Friday, but then another opportunity presented itself. So I’m back in the swirl of uncertainty.

I’m not a big fan of uncertainty. I think that’s part of what attracts me to minimalism, intentionality and a simpler lifestyle. Different people take different things out of these lifestyles, but I have to say that the element of control it affords me is part of the attraction for me. Rather than reacting, you can be considered. Rather than mindlessness, you’re mindful. It is a lot less hectic.

So I do what I can to get out of uncertain situations quickly. I’m much happier when a decision is made, rather than when I’m making it. Suffice to say, I’m not loving all the too-ing and fro-ing at the moment.

So how to best deal with a messy situation? What to do when you are uncertain? These are my tips:

πŸ‘†. Don’t make a rash decision.
It’s important to keep your options open and the ball in your court.
In the situation I’m in, I have different hiring managers pushing me to make quick decisions. It’s in their best interests to make me make a decision quickly. But it’s not in mine. Make sure you take time to consider the decision you’re making. The pros, the cons, query anything that’s not sitting right with you. Don’t let anyone rush you.

✌. Don’t sit on it too long
With that said, after a certain period of time, all this ‘consideration’ can become unproductive. Adding more options can cloud the matter – and generally don’t improve upon your final decision. If you are sitting on it, it’s worth thinking about why you’re having trouble making the decision. What is it about the options you’re not loving?

πŸ‘Œ. Trust your gut.
If you’re like me and dislike uncertainty, then when the decision is made, a certain calmness and clarity should come over you. If you make a decision and you’re still anxious, you’ve got to wonder – was it the right one?

I’m hoping that by following these steps my own decision will become clear to me soon. I feel like I finally know which way my gut wants to go, but I need to ensure that the details all pan out. Here’s hoping it all resolves itself soon!

So tell me, how do you make your big decisions? Do you have any advice for me? I’d love to hear from you.




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  1. Oooh yes – I sooooo understand this feeling (been there quite a few times!) One thing I’d add to this list is to think about your core values and use them to help you work out what’s best for you. It’s sometimes easy to lose site of what matters when so much is going on at once!! Good luck and I hope everything goes the way you want it (I know you don’t like uncertainty but it’s also so exciting!!)


    • Thanks for your excellent addition to the list – considering your core values is really important . I think it goes a little hand-in-hand with trusting your gut, as when the decision is not in-line with your core values, it also doesn’t sit quite right with you! Thanks for the well wishes – I think I’m nearly there with the decision making – just ironing out the kinks now!!


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