W6: Things I’ve Loved This Week

Lots of things out there this week that I’ve loved. Posts, books and podcasts – I’m loving that the more I get into this, the more new links and new content opens up to me.  Prior to starting this blog, I thought I was pretty aware of all the writers and bloggers writing in this space.  BOY was I wrong!  I love that each week I find a new author, new blog or other new resource to help me on my journey.

💻 Posts I’ve loved this week:

How I Quit Being Busy from Melissa Camara Wilkins.  Each week I think how glad I am to have found Melissa on No Sidebar and also her own blog.  I enjoy and get value from each of her posts.   This post is no exception.  I’m really focussed this year on not being ‘busy’ for the sake of it.

These days I’m working on this: Less being busy. More just being.

Simplify Overwhelm in Three Easy Steps – Katie O’Brien.  I’ve only just stumbled across Katie’s blog and I’m looking forward to reading more of her posts.  I love the simplicity of the three steps she suggests.  Purge. Simplify. Delegate. She talks a lot about systems to help simplify – which means she’s a lady after my own heart (I love a good system or process!).

What would make life easier? What tasks could be clustered together? What systems could be making life easier? There’s always an easier, simpler solution… it’s just a matter of finding it.

We should always be open to and on the hunt for a simpler means to doing what we already do.

Over at NoSidebar is another fantastic article by Melissa Camara Wilkins (I’m concerned at my level of fangirling – If you’re reading Melissa, I’m not a stalker – honest!).  This article, entitled 3 Simple  Questions to Find your Best Self, talks about finding your authentic self.  I really related to this passage…

If I’m not paying attention, I end up wearing the mask of the person I used to be (it’s so comfortable!) or the person I think I’m supposed to be (it’s so acceptable!) or the person who does all the things (it’s so efficient!) instead of who I really am today.

The three tips for living more authentically are also really valuable.

📚 Books I’ve loved this week:

Following on my readings on mindfulness, this week I’ve picked up Going to Pieces without Falling Apart: A Buddhist Perspective on Wholeness by Mark Epstein.  Epstein features in Dan Harris’ 10% Happier as one of his major influences.  I’m only a little ways in so far, but it is interesting to hear another voice talking about mindfulness, particularly with his Psychiatric background.

🎧 Podcasts I’ve loved this week:

Continuing to get a lot of value from the 10% Happier podcast.  I’m learning a lot about the different schools of meditation (e.g. mindfulness meditation versus transcendental meditation /TM).  The David Gelles episode was particularly interesting.


No new apps this week!  Hopefully I’ll have some new ones to share next week with you.  But if you’ve found any great blogs (or if you write a great blog), new apps, books or podcasts that are really adding value for you – please let me know in the comments.  I’d love to check them out!

Hope you all have a fabulous week!!


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