YOLD: Check In 1

Completely unintentionally, I decided to write this update on My Year of Living Dangerously almost a month to the day since the first post. It seems like a good time to do an update, so I’m glad I’ve timed this so well.

On 28th Feb – just before the leap year, I wrote my resolutions for the coming year.  These were around the areas of Health, Creativity, Career, Stress and Personal Growth.  So how am I tracking against these goals?


  • Drink 3l water a day ✅
    So not too bad on this one.  HydroCoach is a great app to keep me honest and provides great reinforcement for good behaviour. I’ll be honest, some days I do tell it I’ve drunk all my water because I just can’t face all the notifications coming up, but for the most part, it has been quite successful
  • Meditate each day
    This  still needs work, but I’m making progress.  I finished the 10 days of Calm with the Calm App, and have moved onto the Headspace app to trial it.   So far, I’m really liking Headspace and have meditated 3 days consistently (Although, granted 2 of those days were the weekend…).  I’m trying to build a meditation habit, which is contingent on me getting up early – and that has been the sticking point so far.  I’ll keep at it…
  • Stick to my Low Sugar / Carb lifestyle  ✅
    This is going well.  I’ll confess that I did have a flake and a bit of a chocolate easter egg on Easter Sunday.  Not to be one of those unbearable, born-again diet types – but Urgh! 😝 Did you know that a 30g Flake bar has 16.7g of sugar in it?  I found the milk chocolate unbearably sweet, and spent the next few hours feeling a little wired and unsettled – so back to little bits of dark chocolate I go. 
  • Build my cardio fitness so that I can run 7Km – I’ll use RunKeeper to keep this on track 🙀
    I’ve had a few set-backs with my asthma over the past month which has held me back a bit, but I also haven’t planned the time to do this, so it hasn’t happened.  I’m changing up my exercise in a couple of weeks so that Wednesday morning will be my planned running day.  I’ve also enrolled in the Mothers Day Classic – which is an 8km run.  So hopefully I can report more progress here next month.


  • Write a blog post daily 🙀
    I started off well, and then in week 2 I got stuck for motivation and topics to talk about.  I’m making an effort to increase the regularity of the posts, as practice will make me a better blogger and a better writer.  I’m hoping my new resolve to dump ‘mindless TV’ will help free up some time to spend with the blog
  • Learn ‘how-to’ make this blog the best it can be ❓
    There’s obviously still a way to go, but I have been able to spend some time working out how to make the WordPress platform and themes work better for me, figure out Hootsuite to help plan my social media etc.  Still a way to go, but I’m thoroughly enjoying learning these skills.  If you have any tips for good resources on this – please let me know in the comments


  • Learn all I can from my current employer ✅
    I’ve been doing this as much as I can.   This continues to be a work in progress
  • Plan how I can return to Freelance by Q2 2017 
    This is a little bit up for debate at the moment, as I potentially have another career opportunity to consider.  It’s early days yet, so we’ll see what happens
  • Take visual design course in July 2016 🔜


  • Set greater boundaries between work and life ❓
    So far, so good. We haven’t been through a big peak period yet, but so far I’ve been managing my boundaries OK. I’m starting to feel more confident in saying no or asking people to rearrange things if they encroach  on my personal plans
  • Remove work email from my phone 🙀
    That lasted a day. My first week back in the office, I was working offsite and needed the access to email during work hours.  I’ve turned off notifications and generally don’t check it very often in my downtime.  It’s a start…
  • Schedule how frequently I check my email – down to 4 times a day (as a start) 🙀
    How do people do this? Part of the issue is my calendar is in Outlook as well, and  I rely on those reminders to know what I’m doing.  I need to re-examine this and see if there is an alternative way to achieve the same result. 
  • Leave work on time 
    As a whole, I’ve been doing OK on this.  Technically leaving work on-time would be leaving work at 5.30.  That pretty much never happens.  But I have been leaving around 6pm, which is pretty good for me….  Yeah, I can do better.  I think the key here is to start getting ready to leave at about 5pm.  Let’s see how that goes. 
  • Set stronger barriers so that work does not stop me from doing my personal commitments ❓
    See above!

Personal Growth

  • Say ‘no’ ❓
    I’m getting better, but there’s still work to be done.  Part of the issue is catching myself when I’m saying yes to things that mean I’m saying no to other things (that’s cryptic…).  I’ll keep working on it!
  • Stop apologising for myself 
    I’m sorry!  I’m getting better with this one as well, but the phrase ‘I’m Sorry’ has been programmed into me as the appropriate response to almost anything.   It’s going to take a while to break the habit.
  • Be unapologetically me ❓
    This is also a work in progress.  But I think writing the blog and doing the various social media things, reading other blogs and various books is helping.  I’ll keep at it!
  • Take a Spanish class – starting May 2nd 🔜


Phew! So that’s where I’m at at the moment. Not too bad, as at least I have made a start at almost all of these thoughts.  Next month I made add some more to the list or change the shape of some of these as circumstances change.

So how are you tracking against your own personal goals or vision?  Has the month of March treated you well or set you up with obstacles or new directions?  I’d love to hear how you’re going on your own journeys’ as well 💕💕



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