W4: Things I’ve Loved This Week

The first thing that I’ve loved this week – FOUR DAY WEEKEND!

There really should be more of these!  I’ve read a lot of books recently that talk about visualising your ideal day and working towards that.  I’ve always struggled with that task – not being able to reconcile any kind of income earning activity within that day….

Well, at the end of the day yesterday, I reflected that it was probably the closest to an ideal day for me.  I got up, meditated, went to my third Xtend Barre class (ouch!), had breakfast with my hubby.  Companionably worked away in silence for a couple of hours, him on his computer and me working on the blog and associated social media (I now have a G+ page and a dedicated email address for the blog).  I then went to Yoga in the afternoon, came home, made dinner and talked to my mum.  Topped it all off with a trip to the movies (Hail, Ceaser!  Very funny!).  The day held components of all the things I love – mindfulness, nourishing the body, quite companionable time with hubby, healthy homemade food and fun!

Now the challenge is to figure out how to incorporate more of these aspects into my ‘real life’ (and ultimately make it what my ‘real life’ looks like!)

💻 Posts I’ve loved this week:

This week, I had a new follow on Twitter by Jennifer from Simply + Fiercely. I’m so happy that I went over and checked out her blog.  The first post I read was Confidence + Minimalism (Find the Courage to Chase Your Dreams).  I loved her take on what consumerism actually means / represents, whilst decluttering is about accepting who we really are.  I haven’t heard that interpretation of minimalism before – but it is so true!  Loving the whole blog ❤️

Fix the One Thing Creative People Always Do Wrong on inc.com.  I love how they draw a distinction between ‘Memory’ clutter and ‘Someday’ clutter.  ‘Someday’ Clutter is the worst!  Things you buy because you’ll use them some day or things you keep around because you’ll use them someday…  get rid of them!

NoSidebarLastly, I gave this post from no sidebar a lot of love on Instagram and twitter – but that’s because I got a lot of value from it.  The Power of Letting Go by Kerry Ogden.  Firstly, I loved the image….

And not just because I’ve always wanted long, red curly hair!

One other part that really resonated was this quote…

“I don’t know. All I know is that my life is better when I assume that people are doing their best. It keeps me out of judgment and lets me focus on what is – not what should or could be.”

This quote helped start the train of thought for my post about choices this week.

📚 Books I’ve loved this week:

I had an impromptu trip to Bathurst this week – which is about 4 hours drive each way from my home.  My husband was driving and my mother in law was in the front seat – leaving me roughly 8 hours in the back seat.  I decided to turn this inconvenience into an opportunity and opened my Kindle app on my phone.

May I just say at this juncture how much I love Kindle!  I have a Kindle Paper White at home, but it was so great to have the ability to access my books from the back seat of my car.  This gave me the opportunity to finish both Wellth: How I Learned to Build a Life, Not a Résumé and also Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less(FINALLY!!). And having a lazy morning this morning, I also knocked over Oprah’s What I Know For Sure!

I found the second half of Essentialism much more attention grabbing than the first.  I felt like it focused Wellthmore on the how-to – which I appreciated. Overall, it is a good read.   Wellth was also enjoyable, though not life changing.  I enjoyed many of the quotes throughout the book.  For example  👉

I found Oprah’s book a little ‘bitty’ – but I guess that’s the nature of a book of short essays.  I did particularly like her thoughts on Gossip.  This was a new way of thinking about the habit and certainly made me re-examine my behaviour and the causes that underly it.

“When someone spreads lies about you, it’s not about you. Ever.  Gossip – whether in the form of a rumor that’s sweeping the nation or a gripe session between friends – reflects the insecurity of those who initiate it.  Often when we make negative statements about others behind their backs it’s because we want to feel powerful – and that’s usually because in some way we feel powerless, unworthy, not courageous enough to be forthright.” 

I’ve just downloaded 10% Happier, by Dan Harris.   It seems I can’t read, look or listen to anything recently without this book being referenced. So I’m looking forward to reading it!


📱 Apps I’ve loved this week:

Lot’s of achievements this week, as I also made it through the ‘7 days of Calm’ on the Calm app (we won’t mention that it took me over a month to do so).  Overall, I enjoyed the program and I’m keen to keep going with the meditation.  HOWEVER, Everyone does talk about Headspace being THE app for this – so I’ve downloaded it to give it a try.  I’m two sessions in to their 10-day program and so far so good…

I do miss how the Calm app had some background noise as an option.  I live on a pretty busy street, so it was good to have some nice noise to drown that out.  But saying that, the first two Headspace meditations have talked about listening to the noises around you and bringing that into your practice – which may be ultimately more beneficial.  We’ll see how it goes!

The other thing that I’ve taken up is Luminosity – the Brain Training App.  I belatedly watched the first episode of Todd Sampson’s Redesign My Brain the other day.  Really interesting to hear how you can recapture things like peripheral vision with training.  That you can improve your mind and memory with these simple game.  So I’m giving their free training program a go.  I suck – but I’m getting better!  I’ll be memorizing card decks in no time!


So if any of you can do anything about getting me some more of these long weekends – please let me know!

Hope you have a beautiful week!



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  1. Ooh – thank you for recommending the Calm app – I’m trying to meditate more this month and I’ve been looking for a new app to try 🙂 Thanks for sharing! Also thanks so much for linking to my post (and for your kind words about my blog!) Cheers!


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