I’ve been listening to the Minimalists podcast again this week (I seem to do that a lot!)  and they were talking about pacifiers.

Not pacifiers, or dummies as I would call them,  that you give to children. These are the things that you use to pacify yourself. Brain candy.

I hadn’t thought about this much in the past,  but I’m definitely guilty of relying on my pacifiers to avoid facing life or being alone with my thoughts.  Things that I get lost in, and don’t realise how much time I’m wasting until I’ve wasted it. Given I’m trying to live my life more intentionally – this is something I should look at!

My big ones are TV and my phone. I do like coming home and after dinner just wasting my evening away watching mindless TV. If I haven’t got specific series I want to watch, I’m currently weirdly addicted to House Hunters International and other home purchasing shows.  I’m not sure why.

Whilst I’m watching the mindlessness,  I’m often not fully paying attention. I doze off,  I pick up my phone,  I go grab a snack. It’s certainly not a habit that is serving me.

I’m concerned that this mindlessness is stopping me from doing some of the things that I really do want to achieve in my day. The things that actually would add value. I’m not getting to my daily meditation, I’m not packing the house clutter away each day (btw, did you see this great post from Becoming Minimalist on this – life goals), by the time I go to read a book in bed – I fall asleep after a paragraph.  In fact, if nothing else, going to sleep earlier would also serve me well.

But the Mindlessness feels good! Work is tiring, I exercise in the morning before work – so by the evening,  I’m done. Lying on the couch,  not thinking, is relaxing. It feels good.

I need to find the balance. But I’m not sure the best way. Could it be no TV during the week? Could it be a 1hr limit,  or perhaps a ‘not until these things are done’ . I suspect, for me, cold turkey would be the best way to go about it.

So this week,  we’ll give it a go. No TV on weeknights.

What are some of your pacifiers and how have you overcome them? Do you have any tips for me?

I’ll let you know how I get on this week. I suspect it will be a challenge,  but we’ll see how I go!



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