It’s Sunday again…

I really appreciate Sundays.  They are the one day of the week that I get to ‘get things done’.  My Saturdays are often about others.  We’re running errands, we’re mowing my MIL’s lawn or doing her shopping.  But Sundays are about me.

It sounds selfish.  But I think you need a day that is selfish.  I’m lucky that I can have this time, and I’m grateful for this.

Today was a particularly good Sunday.  I started off with an Xtend Barre class at 9.30.  I’ve been wanting to take one of these classes for years.  I used to dance when I was younger and more agile, and Xtend Barre looked right up my alley.  But I was a little afraid that I no longer had my dancer’s body.  I was afraid I wouldn’t fit in.

But I bit the bullet and signed up, and rocked up to my first class.

It was hard. Really hard.

I’ve been doing Bootcamp twice a week, pretty much every week for two years.  I go to yoga at least once a week.  I’m an ex-dancer.  I thought I’d be OK.

And ultimately I was OK.  But it was challenging.  I couldn’t do it all.  I had to stop several times and do the easy version.  But you know, that’s OK.  I still was there.  I was still doing something, making a difference and working on myself.

I’m going back tomorrow!

The other advantage of this 9.30 class was it meant I was up and ‘doing’ earlier than normal on a Sunday.  With work, bootcamp and yoga, I rarely get a sleep in and have always protected my Sunday’s and my rest day.  Today was a revelation.  I got a lot done and it’s still only 4.45pm.  I cleaned the house, did my batch cooking for the week, I meditated, I wrote in my gratitude journal and got to the shops for some groceries. And there’s still time to do more.

It’s similar to the time in my early (although not early enough) 20’s, when I decided not to go out drinking with my work friends on a Friday night.   I discovered Saturday morning!  Who knew there was the beautiful, quiet time in the week where you can just get stuff done? It was such a revelation at the time.   I now use my Saturday mornings for yoga.  7.15am for 90 mins almost every weekend.  It’s the highlight of my week.

So now I know that Sunday mornings can be just as magical as Saturday mornings, so I think I’m going to embrace them with as much enthusiasm.

Do you love your mornings?  Or are you more of a night owl – which is what I’ve always been?  What are your favourite ways to celebrate your mornings?



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  1. I often get up early these days from habit – I enjoy both! Sometimes a nice lazy sleep in and breakfast in bed and a good book. Other times, an early morning jog, which really puts you in a great frame of mind for the day. It’s hard to choose a favourite!

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