This week I’ve been struggling with desire.  I’ve been planning my new capsule for fall/winter and I’ve found I’m getting a little bored of the same old clothes. I’ve also lost a little weight, so some of those clothes aren’t fitting right anymore.  And it’s been over two years since I’ve bought a handbag.  And it’s nearly easter…

It’s funny how quickly you can justify buying something new.  Some of these things are justified purchases (e.g. new clothes because old clothes falling off).  Some of these purchases, not so much (e.g. new handbag)

So how do I fend off these impulses?  I’ve picked up a couple of good tips and tricks around the place, including:

  1. Write a list.  Write a list of the things that you think you actually need.   If you’re out and about and see something shiny, and it is not on the list, don’t buy it.
  2. Reflect on the List. Things should be on the list a little while before buying.  If I think I need something, I’ll put it on the list (I use google keep).  Even if I’m out at the shops and see it – it has to go on the list.  I try to leave it a good month before buying.  That sounds like a long time – but it is good to use that time to really think about:
    1. Do I really need it?
    2. If I do need it, what criteria does it need to fulfill so that I will be happy with it long-term?

I find that by doing this, it gives me some time for reflection and evaluation.  Sometimes something that seemed almost essential to me when I was in the shop, slowly becomes less and less important as it sits on the list.  I’m anticipating that the new handbag will go that way… the one I have is perfectly good and still in good condition.

As I’m working through my capsule plan, I’m going through my spreadsheet and checking my notes on my various items of clothing.  I’ll try on the things I haven’t worn for a while and see how they fit.  Then I’ll add the items I need to the list, and do some research to make sure I find things that really do meet my needs.

What do you do to resist the impulse to spend carelessly?  Have you got any tips for me that work?





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  1. Writing a list is simple but makes such a difference! I learnt it with grocery shopping and I’ve saved so much on impulse purchases.

    Now that you’ve changed your mindset and behaviour, how do you feel when you fall to temptation? Do you beat yourself up about it or are you quickly to forgive yourself?


    • I try not to beat myself up about things, but treat the missteps as learnings. You can’t change what’s in the past, so you can only move forward from them and learn.
      There’s been a couple of things that have slipped through in the past year that I realise now were not essential – I received a tablet when I got my new phone, which I rarely use. I know now that I just need a phone and a computer – so I won’t do that again.
      I have found that stopping myself and considering purchases before making them has really cut down the number of slips I’ve had in the past year. I’ve still stayed clear of the handbag and handbag shops – so doing pretty well on that front too!


      • That’s really sensible advice! Taking a moment to really think about the choice you’re making before pulling out your credit card and not getting swept away with the thrill of the purchasing high. Thanks and good luck with your journey :).

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