W2: Things I’ve Loved This Week

Well Week 2 has flown!  I went to an event on Monday night, and then worked til 10.30pm Tuesday and Wednesday. Before I knew it, it was Thursday.  Then Friday. Then Saturday. And here we are now!

Though the week has been busy, there’s still been a few things that have caught my eye this week…

💻 Posts I’ve loved this week:

Melissa Camara Wilkin’s Post – How to Shift Your Perspective:  Some lovely and timely advice.  Her description of mornings really rang true for me

“In the mornings, left to my own devices, I would mostly just wander in circles until I had a cup of tea in my hand and by then it would be time to make lunch.”

Her wisdom is that you can choose your perspective.  You can choose to walk around like a zombie, wishing you were still in bed, or you can choose to live in the moment and enjoy your experiences.

Why Minimalism is for You on The Everygirl.

There are lots of these types of articles floating around the internet, but this is a particularly good one. I always find myself being re-inspired when I read this type of content.  I guess that’s because the author is generally validating my choices! Still, this article had me nodding a lot.  For instance…

Minimalism is centered on the idea that by weeding out the unnecessary, you allow more room for the things in life you value most.


Since adopting minimalism, I’ve learned when to say yes and when to say no. I say yes to things that are a priority to me and no to things I feel unnecessarily obligated to do. I say yes to things that I need and that I love and no to things I don’t love or need. I say yes to investing more time in my dreams and relationships and no to time wasted organizing for the 100th time. I say yes to a beautiful clean home and no to feeling overwhelmed down by things I don’t need. I say yes to taking control of my own life and no to living reactively. Minimalism is a mindset and in this attitude adjustment I’ve found more life and freedom. 

📚 Books I’ve loved this week:

I didn’t get very far with Essentialism this week….  Instead, I switched my Kindle over to Oprah’s What I Know for Sure.  Lots of little bits of wisdom in there and the short story / blog post-style format suits how busy my week has been and the attention I’ve had to give to reading.

🎧 Podcasts I’ve loved this week:

I’ve only listened to Budgets and Cents and The Minimalists this week.  I enjoyed the Minimalists ‘Random’ podcast – which I spoke about a little in my post ‘oh‘ this week.

I know I’m nearly through the Budgets and Cents series for the year – so I’m going to need some new things to listen to.  Does anyone have any Podcast recommendations?  If so, please let me know in the comments below.

📱 Apps I’ve loved this week:

I’ve just downloaded bliss.  It’s an app-based gratitude journal.  I’ve wanted to start a gratitude journal for some time – something like Morning Pages, or the Five Minute Journal, but I’ve had trouble both getting started and also finding the place to insert the habit into my routines.  This journal has reminders and different activities to undertake and different intervals.  I downloaded it last night, and so far, so good!


Well, I’ve done my food prep for the week, cleaned the house – so I feel like it is about time I had a bit of a sit-down and relax and get myself psyched up for the coming week.  I hope you’ve all had a great week too!



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