My Year of Living Dangerously


So here’s what I’m thinking. Over the past year and a half, I’ve made a lot of changes in my life. I’ve…

  • Discovered minimalism, and in that time, I’ve gone through three big clean outs – donating, giving and throwing away the things that don’t add value to my life
  • Changed my wardrobe – embraced the theory of a capsule wardrobe (though not quite down to 33 items). Stopped buying junk and started buying quality – but a lot less of it!
  • Changed my eating – I’ve gone LCHF and Sugar-Free (well, as close as one can get) – which has changed my energy levels, my skin, my nails and my general approach to health
  • Embraced exercise – boot camp 2 mornings a week, and yoga at least once a week
  • Prioritised experiences over stuff – choosing to live life, rather than buy it!

But I still feel like there’s more to do. I’m unsatisfied. I’m really happy with the changes I’ve made, but if anything, it makes me hungry for more change.  More… Betterness in my life!

So I’ve been thinking about what 2016 should hold.  I want to challenge myself to make my life richer.   At the moment, my paid work still takes up too much of my time, my mental energy and my emotions. I want more from my life than a corporate job where I live to pay bills.

Enter My Year of Living Dangerously.

This year is about pushing myself out of my comfort zone.  So my challenges are:


  • Drink 3l water a day – I’m going to use the HydroCoach app to keep me honest
  • Meditate each day – I’m starting off by using the Calm App
  • Stick to my Low Sugar / Carb lifestyle
  • Build my cardio fitness so that I can run 7Km – I’ll use RunKeeper to keep this on track


  • Write a blog post daily
  • Learn ‘how-to’ make this blog the best it can be


  • Learn all I can from my current employer
  • Plan how I can return to Freelance by Q2 2017
  • Take visual design course in July 2016


  • Set greater boundaries between work and life
  • Remove work email from my phone
  • Schedule how frequently I check my email – down to 4 times a day (as a start)
  • Leave work on time
  • Set stronger barriers so that work does not stop me from doing my personal commitments

Personal Growth

  • Say ‘no’
  • Stop apologising for myself
  • Be unapologetically me
  • Take a Spanish class – starting May 2nd


Phew!  That’s quite the list.  It feels like a lot, but hopefully, it’s achievable. I’ll do a monthly update on how I’m performing against my goals – anything that changes, my learnings and the challenges.

Wish me luck



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