10,000 Hours of Practice

“10,000 Hours of Practice. In the book Outliers, author Malcolm Gladwell says that it takes roughly ten thousand hours of practice to achieve mastery in a field.”


I’ve been wanting to start this blog ‘properly’ for a year.  Possibly more. I’ve been writing draft posts, collecting ideas – but I don’t post.  Well not very often.

Why?  Because I’m a perfectionist, and, in my judgment, nothing I am writing is particularly good.  And I want to be good.  My ego needs me to be good.

I read lots of blogs on the theme of simplicity, minimalism, and improvement.  There are people out there who write fantastic posts.  Posts that have changed my life, the way I think and the way I look at the world.

My posts, well, they’re simply not very good.

But there’s been a few things chipping away at me, changing the way I think. I’ve just finished reading Elizabeth Gilbert’s Big Magic and also Shonda Rhimes Year of Yes. Big Magic talks about the fleeting nature of ideas (If you don’t seize your big idea, it will float over to someone else). Year of Yes talks about taking the opportunities that life presents you and saying yes! (I’d recommend having a read of both).  I also just watched One Small Change that Creates Massive Results on Break the Twitch – which talks about shifting from ‘going to do’ to ‘doing’.

So I figure I should just write something.  I should write somthing, something small at least, each day.  It won’t be good, but with practice, it might just get better. The 10,000 hour theory suggests that ‘practice makes perfect’ – so practice I shall.

If peope read – great!  If people dont – oh well! But I’m doing what I want to do – and that’s what matters! And the more I do this, hopefully, the better I’ll get.




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